It's been a long time coming, but construction is finally underway for a new Caraluzzi's Market in Danbury.

The new location will be at 102 Mill Plain Road and was approved by the city back in 2014, so why has it taken so long for construction to start?

According to multiple City of Danbury sources and, the entire project was held up by a lawsuit and appeal by a nearby package store owner who claimed that the city's zoning commission didn't take into account enough distance between the said liquor store and the new Caraluzzi's Market, which also planned on having a liquor store in its new 45,000 square foot location.

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In 2016, a state Superior Court judge upheld the city's approval of the property citing that the zoning commission followed the 2000 foot separation between package stores, and then in 2017 the state Appellate Court upheld the lower courts decision thus allowing for Caraluzzi's to operate under its original plan.

We asked Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo about it and he said the main concern has to do with the new construction and the zoning laws that are now also being applied to new recreational marijuana stores in Danbury, so everything needs to align so that Mill Plain Road doesn't become all liquor stores or any one particular business.

The Mayor also was pleased with the construction finally getting underway at the Mill Plain Road location. He had this to say about the construction:

"We're just grateful for them adding a Caraluzzi's Market in Danbury." Cavo said, "this will be a great addition to Mill Plain Road, especially with all the new residential properties at the Summit. It's a prime location for Caraluzzi's, and it's a prime location for residents of that area."

Caraluzzi's currently has locations in Bethel, Newtown, and Georgetown. Look for the new Caraluzzi's Market in Danbury to open sometime in the spring of 2022.

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