This is an example of what you must do to get millions upon million of hits across all of the major social media outlets.

If you're lucky enough to not have seen it, it's called the "In My Feelings" challenge and unfortunately, it's a social media craze that's been sweeping the country all month long, and one dentist from right here in Connecticut is responsible for one of the more popular videos.

Originated by Instagram/YouTube personality, Shiggy, all you really need is the Drake song "In My Feelings," a camera to record a video and a few simple dance steps. That's right, well over 5 million views to watch Hamden, CT dentist, Dr. Kevin D'Andrea dance to a Drake song. Judging by the comments section on the video, many locals might just stop brushing their teeth altogether in hopes to book an appointment with Dr. D'Andrea.  Let's watch it together, shall we?

That video was a dance dance revolution baby! As of Wednesday afternoon, the dancing dentist had gotten nearly 6,000,000 million views, around 60,000 likes and about 90,000 shares on Facebook. His mother had been a dance instructor and used to show off her moves while cooking dinner.

According to, here are the 6 kinds of videos that have the most potential to go viral:

  1. Music Videos
  2. Children's Videos
  3. Funny Animal Videos
  4. Funny Falls and Mishaps
  5. Inappropriate Videos
  6. Celebrity Videos

Here's my new jam: "GET GOOFY - GO VIRAL!"

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