Hello cannabis fans of Connecticut, are you gearing up for a big 420 Day celebration on Saturday? You might be disappointed, from what I can tell, our local cannabis dispensaries are celebrating their big day in the sun quietly.

What is 420? Here's what I basically know - In the 1970's a group of teenagers, who called themselves The Waldos, in California, would gather together at 4:20PM every day to smoke weed. 420 became their code to meet up for their ritual. Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh knew them, and then used the phrase around a reporter for High Times Magazine. Voila! The stoner code for gathering together to get high was all of ours.


This Saturday is April 20, 2024, 420 dude, and I just took a quick scan through a dozen or so Connecticut cannabis dispensary websites hunting for bargains, it's disappointing. The largest bargain discount I could find being offered as part of a 420 celebration is at The Botanist in Danbury. The Botanist is offering up to 20% off everything in their store from 4/18 - 4/21/24. Torrington's Still River Wellness is teaming up with Bad Dog Brewery to present a Roaring 20's Party on Saturday 4-20, and Truelieve in Bristol is celebrating Saturday from 11AM-3PM with a DJ, cookies and pizza, and giveaways.

Our neighbors up North in Massachusetts have allowed recreational adult use of cannabis for a few more years than Connecticut has, and Massachusetts allows the sale of cannabis concentrates and higher levels of THC in their products, unlike us. Massachusetts also has almost 200 more dispensaries than Connecticut, and they sell their products at a much lower price point. Do better Connecticut.

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