I'm a dedicated dog owner. Mrs Large and I have a one year old Chihuahua named RayRay. He weighs around 5 pounds, so he definitely falls into the pocket pet category.

Because of his size and being housebroken, I sometimes have the privilege of bringing him to work with me. He's become sort of the mascot around here. He won't be replacing the i95 Moose in the near future, don't worry, he's kind of shy when it comes to meeting the public. The Moose is much better at that.

It's so fun to see your pet in a place where they aren't normally at home. I always try to keep an eye out for dog-friendly events, and I recently saw an upcoming one in the news that I thought you might want to pay attention to, especially if you love bringing your dog to an event that typically only lets humans in.

The Hartford Yard Goats, MLB's Colorado Rockies AA Minor League Team, plays their games in Dunkin Donuts Park in downtown Hartford. The ballpark is gorgeous, it's won the "Best Minor League Ballpark" title every year since Dunkin Donuts Park opened in 2017. Coming up on September 15, the Yard Goats are going to allow fans and their dogs into special sections of Dunkin Donuts Park for what they're calling "Bark in the Park".

According to their social media post, $15 for you and $5 for your dog will get you a seat in the picnic pavilion, left field grandstand or the right field porch. The best thing is, the Yard Goats are playing the Portland Sea Dogs that evening. Oh, you marketing geniuses.

Actually, the best thing about the evening is the Yard Goats will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the evening to Dog Star Rescue and Dog Star 4 Vets. If you want more info about the event, click HERE

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