Big debate over pumping breast milk. Only time will tell how this incident plays out.

I'm thinking this story will indeed play out as a she said, they said event. But when you dig deeper into the account, I have to say I really feel for the woman at the center of it all. And I'm saying that as a woman who has no children herself, so I've never been faced with this woman's situation, so I have no personal reference to go from, just empathy.

In a story reported by, a former Yale-New Haven Hospital worker claims she was fired because she was pumping breast milk in her office. Clinical bed manager Jill Grewcock is suing the hospital's parent company for unlawful termination.

Grewcock’s complaint, which was filed in state Superior Court, lays out a pattern of alleged harassment in the work place because she assumed she needed to pump milk in her office in order to fulfill her work responsibilities. Her suit also claims that hospital supervisors gave misinformation at a federal trial and that the accusation of a HIPAA violation was invalid.

Yale-New Haven Hospital's counter claim is that Grewcock was fired for violating federal medical privacy laws.

This is a second go around for Grewcock. According to the New Haven Register, she lost her federal lawsuit, which accused Yale New Haven Health Services of sex discrimination. A jury ruled in favor of the health care corporation back in March. Later that month, she filed her second suit in state court claiming wrongful termination.

Only the parties involved know the true extent of how this all played out, but on a personal note, I hope she wins this time.

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