Wiccans from across the country welcomed the Super Wolf Blood Moon on January 21.

According to moonglow.com, Native American culture assigns compelling spiritual meaning to every full moon throughout the year. To Native Americans, the Wolf Moon celebrates the capability and cleverness of the wolf pact during the frigid months of winter.

Wiccans practice Wicca Craft of which there are six basic tenets, harmony, reincarnation, power through knowledge, law of attraction, and deity. According to the website, santuariolunar.com., the Super Wolf Blood Moon is a phenomenon where Wiccans experience a union between the Goddess and God. They believe that this is an occasion of great power and magic.

Many Wiccans will cast a spell that invites inspiration and prosperity into their lives hoping that energy will flow like the lifeblood that keeps us all alive. If you'd like to learn more about Wicca Craft, click on www.wicca.org. 

In an story by the CT Post, Reverend Alicia L Forbert, the President of the Panthean Temple of Connecticut, had this to say about her practice as it pertains to the eclipse:

Some do not like to do spellwork or ritual work during an eclipse. I am one of the ones who do, I see everything as an energy to be worked with. Some see an eclipse as negative energy. As a witch I do not see myself afraid of anything negative. I'm more on the old school side of things.

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