From many accounts, food in prison has certainly changed somewhat for the better over the course of time. But if you're doing time, should you expect steak and lobster?

To live in the state of Connecticut is to be well aware of high taxes and continuing budget deficits that often put us in crisis mode. In light of that, it appears as if our Governor is looking to make a change inside the state's prison system.

According to, Governor Malloy wants to increase what is spent providing meals for inmates. Malloy is looking to up the amount from $2.95 to $3.25 per inmate per day for the cost of their food.

The story says that according to the Governor's office Connecticut is at the low end of spending for states in the Northeast. Here's how it shakes out:

Connecticut currently spends $2.95, while New York spends $2.85, Maine $3.75, Massachusetts $4.16, and Rhode Island is at $4.40 per inmate, per day.

While we all know that steak and lobster isn't actually an option, the idea appears to be that healthier options eventually are a money saver. Leigh Appleby, a spokesman for the governor, told

In addition to being the right thing to do, this is a common-sense policy change that will save taxpayer money in the long run by promoting a healthy lifestyle and ultimately reducing medical costs

Only time will tell if this spending increase makes it into the final budget plan for this year.

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