Talk about your feel-good, heartwarming story -- this one definitely reaffirms belief that there really are some good people in this world.

At first, Benjamin Donovan's Monday was just like any other day. Donovan, who owns his own painting company and is an army veteran, took his lunch break at Angie's Pizza in Mystic.

While there, he misplaced an envelope containing more than $4000. The pizza shop took to Facebook and posted what had happened:

Once the post hit, people from all over the area set up a few Go Fund Me page to help Benjamin recoup some of the cash he lost.

But then, later in the day, Bill Palifka, another veteran who happened to stop into Angie's Pizza before heading out of town on a business trip, absolutely saved the day. When he used the restroom at Angie's, he found the envelope containing all the money.

At first, Palifka says he was reluctant to turn such a large amount of cash over to the restaurant, so he left for his business trip and was planning on turning the envelope over to the police when he got back.

Since the story was all over social media by then, on Tuesday Palifka's wife heard about it and immediately called her husband, who she knew had found an envelope full of cash.

Once the wheels were in motion, Palifka's wife made the call to the restaurant who put her in touch with the man who lost the money, Benjamin Donovan. When Palifka returned from his business trip on Wednesday, he was able to return the money to his fellow veteran, giving this story had a very happy ending.

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