Here's a perfect reason why you should keep your dog leashed at all times while out for a walk.

Somehow THC fell or was placed on the ground at Cini Beach in Niantic and at Old Saybrook Land Trust/Preservation. In the last 5 days, 2 dogs have been rushed to Clark Veterinary Hospital in Old Lyme after ingesting THC which is the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis.

According to the, signs that your dog may have ingested THC include lethargy, glassed over eyes, dazed expression, difficulty walking, vomiting, whining, tremors, and seizures. The Animal Poison Control number is 855-764-7661 and the Pet Poison Helpline can be reached at 800-213-6680.

It's not clear if the 2 dogs ingested the burnt ends of leftover marijuana joints or residue from oil-based "pods" containing THC. If your pet exhibits any of the symptoms above, get them to your vet ASAP or call 800-213-6680.

Casey our Irish Setter, who we brought along when we moved to Connecticut in '79.....