We see it (hear it) all the time, you're driving down your favorite Connecticut road on a sunny day with the windows down and the unpleasant roar of a modified exhaust catches you off guard. This is an escalating and annoying problem all over the State of Connecticut.

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Some cities around the world have come up with a plan to ticket these operators of these loud vehicles without ever pulling them over. The FW says:

Slowly popping up in states, cities, and towns across the country are what's called noise or sound cameras to snap a photo of that loud motorcycle or annoyingly disturbing vehicle echoing across the area.

Smart Cities Drive adds:

The noise camera is equipped with a high-definition camera and audio sensor that are triggered by cars and other vehicles that exceed pre-defined noise limits. The sound meter and camera are installed adjacent to the roadway and are activated when they detect a noise at a distance of 50 feet or more that registers at or above 85 dBA.

According to the report, New York City is the only U.S. City giving out noise violations by using these noise cameras. Look, if these things exist, why are we not using them in Connecticut?

At the risk of sounding like an "old head" these loud modified cars are obnoxious and unnecessary. I don't see the point of startling everyone for no reason. Is attention that important to you while driving a car? Get a fresh whip and throw some rims on it and call it a day bruh.

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