With all these terribly sad animal stories circulating lately, it's nice to come across one that is nothing less than a feel-good moment thanks to a Connecticut State Trooper.

According to a social media post from the Connecticut State Police, Interstate 84 in Danbury was the right place at the right time for Trooper Rivera, Sergeant Dickey and a German Shepherd named Scooby on Thursday night (August 8).

Apparently, the members of the CSP responded to the local stretch of highway after receiving reports of a roaming dog. It appears that the non-animated pup ran away from home and wandered toward the area of I-84 in Danbury "looking for some Scooby Snacks," as the state cops put it.

The feel-good rescue mission was accomplished without incident, as Scooby reportedly jumped right into Sgt. Dickey's cruiser and before long, the dog was chowing down on Trooper Rivera's dinner -- a delicious portion of beef and broccoli. After devouring Trooper Rivera's meal, Scooby was returned safely to his owner.

In an official statement, the Connecticut State Police went on record to say, "Rounds of appaws to all involved. Keep up with the pawsitive work!"

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