Connecticut took a giant step closer to having tolls on our highways, when the general assembly passed three bills that just about cemented the fact that the tolls are coming. Now the only question is where and how much.

The vote went down Wednesday (March 20) afternoon, and as expected, the three bills having to do with the toll proposal passed easily, now the only questions that are still up for speculation are how many tolls there will be, where they will be, and how much we are going to pay.

According to, the vote went right down party lines as expected, however Connecticut Republicans aren't giving up the fight just yet, especially because there are still so many unanswered questions. They are going to continue to battle and hold informational toll meetings at various locations throughout the state while the study continues.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is looking at it very differently. He told that the tolls are just one step in the right direction.

This is just the beginning of how we lean up state government, and give you confidence that we are getting our fiscal house in order.

No matter what happens next, Connecticut residents can expect to pay more driving around the state, however there is still time for things to change. Don't look for any tolls to appear until at least early in 2022.

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