A young train enthusiast from Woodstock, CT. shelled out $1 to purchase a 44,000 lb. boxcar to save it from the scrap heap.

According to the Hartford Courant, the buyer is a 15-year-old Woodstock Academy student named Orion Newall Vuillemot. Why did he buy a 1930 boxcar? Why does anybody buy a red beat-up box car, so they can save it from the scrapyard. Orion, buddy, it's not a shelter dog that's going to be euthanized, it's a 44,000-pound boxcar!

Next question -- what was Orion thinking? He told the Hartford Courant:

I plan to restore #72249.

When my kids were 15-years-old, I could barely get them to pick up their underwear off the floor. Orion Newall Vuillemot told the Hartford Courant that refurbishing the boxcar would keep him busy until 2019.

This obvious overachiever also collects old tractors and enjoys making maple syrup to sell. Of course he does. I couldn't even get my kids to mow the lawn when they were 15. He also built a 50-foot section of track in the family yard where his new purchase will live. I get yelled at all the time for not getting rid of my beat-up Subaru Forester sitting in my New Fairfield driveway with headlights held on by duct tape.

Joseph Cerreto, a train buff in Mansfield Center, who knows Orion, told the Hartford Courant:

Orion's really dedicated. Stays up till 10 pm driving in spikes. He negotiated all the pricing for the crane, trailer, everything. Pretty impressive!

To read the entire article about this impressive young man, go to courant.com.

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