As we all begin to wind down the summertime, squeezing in every bit of sunshine and mild weather that we possibly can, our local first responders continue to make sure they do everything in their power to make sure our communities are safe and sound.

After working extensively around the clock this weekend with increased traffic safety patrols, the Connecticut State Police have released their enforcement statistics for the 2019 Labor Day weekend.

As of this writing, the Connecticut State Police had 3,836 calls for service, assisted 163 motorists, responded to 319 accidents, made 23 DUI arrests, issued 304 citations for speeding, issued 25 citations for seatbelts, and issued 21 total citations. Thankfully, there have not been any fatalities on the roads this weekend.

Compared to last year, those numbers are relatively good. During the 2018 Labor Day weekend, Connecticut State Troopers issued 1,314 tickets for speeding, 2,474 tickets for hazardous moving violations (to include: unsafe lane change, following too closely, cellphone use, texting, etc.), 47 tickets for seatbelt violations and made 24 arrests for driving under the influence. There were also 281 motor vehicle crashes, 63 of which were with injury, and no fatalities.

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