For so many of us, if it's Oprah approved then we're going to check it out. Now whether we buy the item or not will always depend on price and if we even need or want the item for ourselves or someone else.

No matter what, this iconic list that started in 1996 as one of the most highly anticipated segments on The Oprah Winfrey Show continued after the end of her show in 2010 in O, The Oprah Magazine, and just about every entertainment section of various publications that publishes the list when it comes up each December.

So while we get excited to sift through the annual list of Oprah's Favorite Things, imagine how it must feel if you're a company that makes the list.

WanderFull Brand Accessories via Facebook
WanderFull Brand Accessories via Facebook

Congratulations to WanderFull out of Fairfield County, Connecticut for making the 2023 Oprah's Favorite Things list that I found in Town and Country Magazine. They're stylish water bottle bags that look like mini puffer coats with various colors, sizes, and styles.

Like so many, I literally drop my water bottle into my handbag making sure the lid is extra tight so nothing spills so honestly this is everything right now.

WanderFull Brand Accessories via Facebook
WanderFull Brand Accessories via Facebook

According to the WanderFull website, the two founders from Westport are moms who each have three kids and know that life gets busy and running around staying hydrated is important but not always easy. Katie Hill works in the fashion industry while Lisa Watkins is in brand management. Together they created a cute bag that not only holds your water bottle but other essentials you may need to make life easier.

The name of the company is Liberty Hill Brands and according to the WanderFull website, this water bottle puffer bag is their first brand with more items to come including a man bag.

You can read more about this dynamic duo on the Oprah Daily website.

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