What do you think makes a great pizza?

The Daily Meal's website is all about "all things food and drink." They recently set out on a ginormous gastronomical road trip in search of the best pizza pies across the United States.

The Daily Meal called in 59 pizza experts to come up with the best pies from across the country in many different categories from Cheese to Sicilian, Margherita to Pepperoni along with many more varieties and Connecticut kicked ass! The top 5 states for pizzas are:

  1. New York (36 Pizzerias))
  2. California (10 Pizzerias)
  3. Connecticut (9 Pizzerias)
  4. New Jersey (7 Pizzerias)
  5. Illinois (6 Pizzerias)

It's no surprise that the #1 Pizzeria named in all the land was Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napolitana for their White Clam Pie!

The other 8 Connecticut pizzerias that scored in the 'Top 101 in the U.S' were:

12. Sally's Apizza - New Haven (Tomato Pie)

13. Modern Apizza - New Haven (Italian Bomb)

57. Ernie's Pizzeria - New Haven (Plain Pie)

58. Zuppardi's - West Haven (Special Pie)

64. Roseland Apizza - Derby (Plain Pie)

66. Bru Room at Bar - New Haven (Mashed Potato and Bacon)

80. Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford (Blue Skies)

To access the entire Daily Meal article, click on thedailymeal.com. To find the best pizzerias in the Danbury area according to Yelp, click on Yelp.com.

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