Winter 2018. Aside from the bitter cold and a wicked bad flu season, it also signals the return of one of the most iconic sporting events, the Winter Olympics. The biggest thrill of all, the amazing athletes from Connecticut that are headed there to represent.

February 9th is the date the world becomes glued to sports biggest stage. The 2018 Winter Olympics kick off in the Republic of Korea, PyeongChang to be exact. No I didn't say P.F. Chang's, it's Pyeongchang, which is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It’s known for Odaesan National Park, with trails crisscrossing the Taebaek Mountains.

Pyeonchang is also known this year for the pride and joy of Connecticut and seven of our finest athletes. So, if you follow all of the coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics, from Feb. 9 - Feb. 25 or just part, you should make time to seek out the following names and cheer them on in their respective events.

  • Zachary Donohue: 27-years-old, born in Hartford, he now calls Madison home.
    • Event, Figure Skating
  • Kiley McKinnon: 22-years-old, born in New Haven, she now calls Madison home.
    • Event, Freestyle Skiing
  • Mac Bohonnon: 22-years-old, born in New Haven, he now calls Madison home.
    • Event, Freestyle Skiing
  • Mark Arcobello, 29-years-old, born in Milford, still his hometown
    • Event, Ice Hockey
  • Tucker West: 22-years-old, born in Danbury, he now calls Ridgefield home.
    • Event, Luge
  • Lindsey Jacobellis: 32-years-old, born in Danbury, she now calls Roxbury home.
    • Event, Snow boarding
  • Julia Marino: 20-years-old, born in Yonkers, NY, she now calls Westport home.
    • Event, Snowboarding

Of course we all pray for completed events with no injuries, and while bringing home the GOLD would be incredible, just being there is an amazing accomplishment.. Kudos to the talents of these seven, as well as the hundreds more getting ready to wow the world at the Games of the XXIII Winter Olympiad.

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