If you said "tell us something we don't know" just now, that was exactly the response I was hoping for.

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It's one think to suspect you're being screwed and another to know for sure. Now we can be certain that something unfair is going on here. According to Wallet Hub, Connecticut is the 4th Most Energy Expensive States in the U.S. Wallet Hub did a study on the matter and came up with this Top 10 list:

1. Wyoming

2. North Dakota

3. Alaska

4. Connecticut

5. Massachusetts

6. Oklahoma

7. Vermont

8. Iowa

9. New Hampshire

10. Indiana

Their study "used a special formula that accounts for the following residential energy types: electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil." When the numbers were finished crunching, they determined that Connecticut residents are spending a total of $593 a month.

That total number includes monthly electricity ($171), monthly natural gas ($132), monthly motor fuel ($129) and monthly home heating oil ($161). It should come as no surprise to you that we ranked  #2 in the nation for electricity costs. The most energy expensive state in the nation was Wyoming with a total energy cost of $845. The least expensive energy state was New Mexico at $373.

Source: WalletHub

Look, CT is beautiful and I love living here but something has to give. I don't want to be one of the people leaving because I have to but we're heading that way, hell we passed "that way" about 10 miles back.


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