If you asked me, I'd have guessed with the influx of New Yorkers over the past few years, Connecticut seems to be a popular destination to move to lately? But we'd be wrong, very wrong. Connecticut has been named as one of the least popular states in all of the US to move to for 2023.

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Movebuddah.com has just released it's 2023 report on America's moving trends, and Connecticut has landed as the third least popular state to move to for 2023 in all of the US. According to Movebuddah's data, for every 75 people that moved into Connecticut in 2023, 100 moved out. Home prices in Connecticut have increased 37% since 2020, which is the 9th highest increase out of all of the states. Which states beat us as the very worst for 2023? #2 was New Jersey, and you guessed it - California had the highest move-out to move-in ration overall for 2023.

Movebuddah.com's data has also revealed that Stamford, Connecticut had the sixth highest ratio of people moving out rather than in for all of the USA in 2023, and a whopping 40% of residents leaving Connecticut are 65 years of age or older.

Our neighbor to the North Massachusetts was the only other New England State that landed in the bottom 10, coming in at 8 on the list of Least Popular US States to move to in 2023. Where was everyone actually moving to last year? 2023's most popular states to move to for 2023, according to Movebuddah.com are: 1. South Carolina, 2. Hawaii, 3. Montana, 4. Alaska, and #5. North Carolina. Does this mean that the flow from the Bronx River parkway has finally receded?

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