Do you think big pharma is aggressively pushing the sale of opioids to the point of addiction?

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and First Selectman, Rudy Marconi of Ridgefield have jumped on the bandwagon with Waterbury Mayor, Neil O'Leary who believes the large pharmaceutical companies are pushing the sale of opioids. Here's what Mayor Mark told the NewsTimes:

In some cases these companies are part of the problem. Many times these companies will push their products in a competition to get them into the marketplace, and as a result, people are becoming addicted.

According to, many other states like Oklahoma, Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri have already initiated lawsuits against big pharma and now Connecticut's Attorney General, George Jepsen, has joined a coalition to explore what roles pharmaceutical companies have played in the opioid epidemic.

I personally know at least three individuals who have had a problem with painkillers like percoset, vicodin, oxycontin, and/or dilaudid. They became addicted to the point where it affected their family and their marriage. According to, drugmakers are on the fast tract trying to find alternatives to the highly addictive opioids.

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