Here's a tale of dedication and keeping a big piece of Americana alive.

This story gives a bit more credence to the fact that you can find literally almost everything on Craigslist -- even historic properties. I think it would be pretty cool to have a piece of American history of sorts sitting in my backyard, I'm just not sure I'd go to these lengths to get it, would you?

In a story reported by, a 200-year-old tavern was moved, in pieces, from Massachusetts to a guy's property in Guilford Connecticut, where it's going to be reconstructed. All I can say is, wow!

According to, the historic Massachusetts property known as the Woodbury Tavern had been broken up into pieces and was being stored inside a barn by a couple that had hoped to reconstruct it. But, like we all know, huge home projects often don't see the light of day. So what do you do when you find yourself saddled with something you want to get rid of?

Put an ad on the internet -- Craigslist to be exact.

And that's where Bill Butterly of Guilford, Connecticut comes in. He answered the ad, purchased the pieces of the nine-room tavern, and had it moved to his property. Here's hoping the Woodbury Tavern doesn't languish again seeing as, like the previous owners had hoped to do, Butterly says he plans to reconstruct the tavern and use it as a home on his Connecticut property.

Now for the preserving Americana tidbit. Historians say that in 1825, the Marquis de Lafayette visited the tavern to honor Revolutionary War veterans and widows during a tour of the country. In my mind, that really makes reconstructing the Woodbury Tavern an awesome real estate decision.

Perhaps if Mr. Butterly invites me to stay over, instead of saying "wow",  maybe I can say, "Pam slept here." I'll feel like George Washington!

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