In a weird twist, a Connecticut man who was pulled over and cited by police for being on his cell phone claims he was actually just eating some hash browns.

Back in April, Jason Stiber says that police mistook some McDonald's Hash Browns for a cell phone and gave him a $300 distracted driving ticket. The Westport man challenged the charge and lost in court, but he was granted a retrial that is scheduled for December 7, according to

Despite losing the original challenge, Stiber says he even presented phone records showing he didn't make any calls around the time he was pulled over, and to top it off he uses a Bluetooth so there's no reason for him to even hold a phone while driving.

Luckily, for the sake of all that is sacred in the world of breakfast on-the-go, the case will be heard again, and a final decision could be made in the Hash Brown Cell Phone case.

Westport Police stand by their initial story, but could not comment or give any other details on the case due to pending litigation.

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