Like most people, Bruce Rosa of Stamford has his lucky numbers when he plays the lottery. Those numbers paid off for him once last year, but what are the odds of winning big again?

Last April, Bruce did something he had always dreamed of, he won the Cash5 Lotto jackpot and picked up $100,000. So after the win, his father in law gave him an interesting suggestion. He told him to play the same numbers as the winning ticket, but go one digit lower. Bruce liked the idea and tried it again.

This time around, however, Bruce made a little mistake. He messed up one of the numbers because he didn't have his glasses on. News Week says that instead of playing twenty two, he played twenty three, and he also decided to play the same last number he played during his first win.

The numbers for the drawing came out as 4-16-17-23-33, but Rosa didn't think he was a winner again, so he didn't check his ticket right away when the numbers were drawn. He told lottery officials "The winning numbers looked familiar, but I was too lazy to get out of bed to check my ticket." The next day when he did compare numbers, he got the surprise of his life -- he had done it again and had won another $100,000.

So just what are the odds of doing what Bruce did? We did a little research and came up with these statistics:

According to an article at on the odds of winning the lottery, Harvard statistics professor Dr. Mark Glickman said the odds of winning the lottery once, and that means picking all the correct numbers, is roughly 1 in 13,983,816. To do it twice in just a 15 month span, the odds would be roughly 1 in 1,473,489,000,000. So just looking at these odds alone, I think we can safely say that Bruce Rosa is definitely the luckiest man in Connecticut.

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