Good news cannabis lovers, 2020 just might be your year.

With advances in the marijuana industry and changing public opinion, Connecticut lawmakers Martin Looney and Joe Aresimowicz told CT Insider they are confident that a full legalization bill will happen in 2020.

Some of the issues that continue to stall the bill are the decisions about how to select dispensary owners, where will the revenue go and, how will licenses be distributed? This is what Connecticut House speaker, Joe Aresimowicz told CT Insider:

I think if a flat-out 'should we legalize?' bill goes up in the House that it would pass. The problem is when you're talking about resources and dollars coming in from it, that's where the disagreement is.

Connecticut is ripe for the legalization of marijuana. We've got the product, we've got people standing in line waiting to purchase dispensaries, not to mention all the job opportunities the marijuana industry would provide for Connecticut.

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