In a new study, pet wellbeing experts at have analyzed numerous factors to bring to light which states are the most enthusiastic about their pets, specifically canines.

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Colorado came out on top with more than 10,000 residents per month, Googling ‘dog toys’ and ‘dog grooming’. Second place went to Idaho, with more than 58% of its population owning a canine companion.

Out of all 50 states, Connecticut sucked in the "dog-loving department" by ranking near the bottom at #48. According to, "The findings shed light on which states place the most emphasis on their dogs' lifestyle and wellbeing, and which ones are less accommodating of our furry friends."

I'm not going to put you to sleep with all the methodology along with facts, and figures of the study. If you're interested, simply click on, Only 13 states have official state dogs, and Connecticut is not one of them. Let's take a look at which states do and the breed they've adopted.

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