With the population that the Tri-State Area and New England has, battles happen on every front to protect the land we live on from the abuse that we put it through. We produce an incredible amount of of waste, but we are doing a great job at protecting our environment, in fact, Connecticut has just been listed as the tenth best environmentally-friendly state in all of the US for 2024

According to 2024's Best States for Environmental Protection by Smilehub.org, we here in Connecticut are among the best in the nation at controlling emissions and pollution, energy consumption and waste disposal, and lead the nation by having the lowest total tonnage of landfill waste per capita.

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To arrive at their numbers, Smilehub.org compared the 50 states across three dimensions: Environmental protection, Energy consumption and waste disposal, and Emission & pollution contributions. They then used 23 relevant metrics to determine which US States had the greatest or worst: Share of green buildings, state land devoted to parks and wildlife, environmental protection charities, share of population using green transportation, soil quality, carbon dioxide emissions, and median air quality.

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Connecticut's overall score was 68.25 out of 100. The number one state for 2024, California, scored an 80.07. Some of our neighboring states did better than us, New York almost won, landing at #2 with a 79.47. Massachusetts was named the fourth best, and Vermont at #6. Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania all made the Top 20. The worst state for environmental protection in 2024? Mississippi.

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