Fun fact: There are no towns in the State of Connecticut whose names start with these letters: I, J, Q, X, Y, Z.

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I went on a bit of a info-dig recently, looking to see if there were any odd things that stood out about the State of CT, specifically having to do with the names our towns. I found out that CT has more towns that begin with the letter "W" than any other letter (22), there are also some odd town names but no trend really jumped out at me.

Connecticut Has 5 Towns That Start With the Letter D, Can you Guess Them?

I'm from Danbury, and I started to wonder, how many town names in CT, start with the letter D? I wanted to learn, what up with Deez Towns? It turns out there are just 5 towns that start with D, two are in Fairfield County, two in Middlesex County and one in New Haven County. Were you able to guess all 5? If not, let's see which one(s) you missed a learn a little about them, so you never forget again.

I always lead with the D, and those are some unforgettable, exquisite D's, if I say so myself.

P.S. I'm aware of Danielson but it's not a town or city, it's a borough. There is also Dayville which is a historic residential district. 

Under the Bridge – Danbury’s Hidden Art Project

Danbury, CT has a lot of murals which have been sanctioned by the city and then there is the illegal graffiti. The Hat City has its fair share of illegal graffiti but most of it, is off the beaten-path. It’s near the train tracks, and under bridges, it’s in places most residents will never go. I intentionally seek these places out. I like to go to places most people would find scary, grimy or even dangerous. I’m willing to climb over downed trees, step on broken glass and dodge rusting metal to find my way to a place I was never meant to see.

15 Ways to Say You're from CT, Without Saying you're from Connecticut

Depending upon the individual, CT could be great, it could suck, it could be pretty, it could be a dump. There are a wide variety of things people could take into consideration to develop an opinion on the Nutmeg or Constitution State (CT Is both). However, there are certain identifying markers that set the state apart from the rest of the country. There are things you cannot help but notice in Connecticut. A Reddit user asked others to "Say they are from Connecticut without saying it." These are some of the great answers people came up with. 

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