Governor Malloy has reached out to the Carolina Hurricanes' owner to pitch the return of the Hartford Whalers. has reported that Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy has extended the invitation to the Carolina Hurricanes to play one game at Rentschler Field. This is what Malloy asked of Hurricane owner Thomas Dundon:

My proposal is simple: Bring the Whalers back to their rightful home for a regular season outdoor game at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentchler Stadium.

Governor Malloy, along with thousands of nostalgic Whalers fans, have been fantasizing about an NHL hockey franchise returning to Hartford. Back in May of last year, Malloy made a play for the New York Islanders when they were shopping for a new home. The team eventually decided to remain in New York.

Over the last 3 or 4 months, Carolina Hurricane attendance has been dropping off at an alarming rate. They currently have the lowest attendance in the NHL. Does this mean there's a chance that the Hurricanes will return to Hartford as the Whalers?

Sorry Whaler fans, it's just not going to happen. According to, the Hurricanes new owner, Tom Dundon doesn't ignore the allegiance that many fans still have when they were the Hartford Whalers and he's embracing that fact. Here's what Dundon said in a radio interview with ESPN 99 The Fan in Raleigh:

I think we should have a store that sells Whaler's merchandise online. I think we should play games wearing the Whaler's jerseys and selling that gear. It's part of the legacy.

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