We're almost there! I can see the finish line up ahead, but there are caution signs up as well. The positivity rate is down to 2.29%, and vaccinations are trending up.

Because COVID restrictions are being lessened slowly but surely, I believe we're on the brink of turning the corner to our 'new normal' here in the State of Connecticut. According to CDC data, as of April 28, 54% of CT's population has received at least one vaccine dose, and 37% are fully vaccinated.

There is a lot of information about where we stand in Connecticut regarding new guidelines as we continue to open up. First of all, if you haven't been vaccinated, click on portal.ct.gov/vaccine-portal. Everything you need to know about the where, when, and how to obtain the vaccine is there. The following are the latest CDC guidelines according to c-hit.org.

  • Mask Restrictions - Masks are no longer required outdoors for those who are fully vaccinated, including outdoor restaurants, but everyone should still be wearing masks at indoor public places.
  • Business Restrictions - On Saturday, May 1, restaurants can stay open until midnight with no table size limits. However, indoor bars remain closed.
  • Vaccinations - Over 50 vaccination clinics will no longer require appointments. To find out which ones, click on this link.
  • If You Are Fully Vaccinated - You can - gather indoors with fully vaccinated people WITHOUT a mask. If you are exposed to someone who has COVID, you do not have to quarantine or get tested.
  • State Parks - Returning to full services, including boat launches

Wednesday, May 19, will be our Independence Day!


Beginning on May 19, any business restrictions, including stadium and event venue limits, will be lifted, and bars can operate indoors so you can get your drink on! Indoor masking will continue. There are several more guidelines as set by the CDC, which you can access at c-hit.org.

It's time to hit the streets and patronize your favorite restaurants so they come back strong from this hideous pandemic. Play it safe out there, and please help the United States of America reach herd immunity by getting vaccinated.

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