Emma and Hailey Fiorilla were celebrating their seventh and 11th birthdays when they looked up and saw the flashing lights.

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Those lights turned out to be a parade of Stony Hill Fire Dept. fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars as they slowly drove up the Fiorilla's street in Bethel with lights flashing and sirens wailing according to an article on the website ctinsider.com. It looked something like this.

Emma and Hailey were thrilled with their noisy flashing birthday present. I still feel a sense of comfort and security, watching large trucks that were built to save lives and prevent death and destruction.

This is not the first time the Stony Hill Fire Department has helped celebrate a birthday in Bethel. Fifty children have already witnessed parade visits from the same fire company, with 40 kids still on the waiting list. Jennifer Hantzarides, the mother of 6-year-old Caleigh who was the first recipient of a drive-by fire truck parade on April 6, told Hearst Connecticut Media,

I'm just so grateful for them, what they did. They are obviously selfless people all the time, but to try to start something to bring smiles to these kid's faces that have no idea of the depth of what is going on.

She said Caleigh cried tears of joy.

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