I'd pick aqua for the new color, but unfortunately nobody asked me. What happened to the old motto, if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Look, I know women, and yes some men too, love to change things up with color. Their wardrobes, their homes, their hair, you get the picture. But this tidbit of news really has me floored.

Connecticut's Department of Transportation is dropping the specialty color Omaha Orange from plows and other vehicles. The press release from the Connecticut Department of Transportation made the announcement on Jan. 24th and it said in part:

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) announced today that it will begin a transition from its traditional orange to all-white trucks and other maintenance vehicles – a move that will maintain safety and visibility, save money that can be spent on other critical equipment needs, and speed the delivery of new vehicles.The transition will begin with an order of 46 plow trucks and pick-ups that was submitted this month, and the public will begin seeing the new white trucks by this summer.

CTDOT Commissioner James P. Redeker had this to say:

The orange color we have been using for many years is a specialty color that not only is more expensive but adds time to delivering an order for new vehicles

All this left me thinking that everyone knows how hard it is to keep white clean. But at least they're adhering to the, no white until after Memorial Day, theory. Though it will be a real bummer come Labor Day!

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