A Newington, CT couple walked into 'Shark Tank' with their new invention. Guess what happened next.

It's called the Moki Door Step and it's simply an easier way for shorter people to reach the top of their vehicles. According to wtnh.com, the couple Alyssa and Zach Brown were invited into the Shark Tank to demonstrate their new invention.

When Shark, Daymond John offered them $400,000 with a 20% stake in the company, Allyssa told him they were expecting their first child and didn't want to give away that much equity. John then came back with a buyout offer at $3 million for the entire company which they happily accepted.

Even with the $3 million dollar buyout, Zach will continue working as a firefighter and Alyssa will continue taking classes working on her nursing degree. Check out the clip:

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