Back in 2015, the website used science and data to determine which cities in Connecticut are redneck heaven. They've covered just about every state in the country, and they state that "Connecticut was the most challenging place to find rednecks in the nation."

The definition of a 'Redneck' according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: "A white person who lives in a small town or the country, especially in the southern U.S., who typically has a working-class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive."

The Top 5 towns in Connecticut with the most rednecks are Jewett City, Bantam, Putnam, Bethel, and Danielson. To find out how the staff arrived at their findings, click on

To give you some context, I sourced a YouTube video titled 'The 10 Most Redneck States in America.' I invite you to check out the top ten redneck states and the awesome photos that go along with them.

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