What makes you call someone rude in 2023? A stranger that does not make eye contact and simply walks by? You break down on a busy roadway and no one stops? People who spew profanities near children? If that's the standard, then we're geographically in the midst of three of the rudest cities in the United States - New York City, Providence, and Boston. Connecticut, according to a recent survey, one of our own has made the list alongside the big lunks.

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According to businessinsider.com's 50 Rudest Cities in the United States, New York City was the runaway winner as the rudest city in the U.S. Boston came in at number 5, and Providence, Rhode Island squeaked in at number 48. Right in the middle of the list? Coming in as the 26th Rudest City in the country?

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Our Capital City, Hartford. Have you ever encountered rude people in Hartford? I have, I worked there for over a decade. Try driving anywhere in the city when there's an event at the XL Center or Xfinity Theater. How about a Yard Goats game, XL Center show, and Xfinity show on the same night? The Connecticut news stations issue alerts for those wonderful evenings. But seriously, if you think about it, isn't the rudeness level the same on I-95 in Bridgeport/New Haven/Stamford? Waterbury on a Saturday afternoon? Near Southbury Plaza on a Sunday afternoon?

I've always felt that Fairfield County towns have the higher concentration of the rudes. Litchfield County a close second. Hartford? Hartford is a pebble in Westport's shoe when it comes to rudeness. Was that rude of me to say? Well, I am a Litchfield County resident.

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