I passed a shocking story on my feed today that upset me very much and I wanted to remind you of some of the not-so-great people in this world.

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter reported that over the weekend, someone found a momma cat and 4 babies all sealed in a tupperware bin and it was just left on the side of the road. Who in their right minds can do such a thing? It baffles me.

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The mom and babes were all unconscious, and people stepped in to help try and resuscitate them. The animal shelter was able to take the cat family in and sent them to  Pieper Emergency in Middletown to try and save their lives.

The shelter stated that at the time the cats were found, the mother seemed to be blind due to the lack of oxygen, but as of now, she is able to see and is doing well. They did report that unfortunately, one of the kittens did not make it, but the other 3 are being nursed back to health and seem to be doing well.

They funny enough, named the cats after rock stars - as they've been through quite some pain so far. The family is named Stevie Nicks, Van Halen, Aerosmith and Metallica. As you can imagine, the cats will need some time to heal, so the animal shelter posted a donation page on their post for anyone that wants to help.

Just a reminder, if you can't take care of your animal anymore, there are multiple people you can call that will take the animal off your hands. Don't leave them in a sealed tupperware container on the side of the road.

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