Is it me or is there a rising number of vehicle-related thievery going on out there in Connecticut? From stealing parts of the car like the catalytic converters to taking the whole dang thing, it seems like it's an epidemic of car criminals.

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First, let's start with the super-fast thieves in Watertown. According to the NY Post, two people were seen on a gas station surveillance camera ripping off a car in broad daylight in about seven seconds. Unreal how this took place this past Sunday morning around 10:30 am. The surveillance video showed one perpetrator get out and into a Nissan Altima's driver's side. Unfortunately, the keys were left inside and the door unlocked, bye bye car, in about 7 seconds.

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Another interesting story comes to us from Shelton, Connecticut, and from CBS 11 News. A 16-year-old kid from Ansonia is suspected of stealing a car because of some kind of Tik Tok challenge. Wow, social media can really make an impact on our everyday lives for sure, and more often than not, in a negative way. Police in Shelton have had several reports of Hyundai and Kia vehicles being stolen, the exact vehicles that were in the Tik Tok videos. Apparently, the newer models can be hacked with a USB cable and were targeted because they do not have a push-button start, all demonstrated in the social media app's videos.

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Bottom line is, LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS AT ALL TIMES. That is at least a good way to help deter most thefts until more hacks are discovered and more Tik Tok videos are made to expose and disseminate those hacks. We can only do what we can, if something has a way of being stolen, someone will damn sure find it. Thanks for hanging out, stay safe, and lock every single door you own.

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