It wouldn’t take long for someone to tell that I am a Comic Book fan. All you have to do is meet me once or step into my office here at the station and you will see the evidence right in front of you. I will either have a t-shirt with Spiderman or Thanos or Darth Vader on it, or you’ll see all the Marvel and Star Wars action figures or memorabilia.

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My thanks to Large Dave for the heads up on Free Comic Book Day with a flyer from Most Excellent Collectibles in Enfield. He, of course, has met me AND has laid eyes on my office shrine to my pop culture interests and knew I would be all about it. Unfortunately, I have never experienced this thing called "Free Comic Book Day" because there was never a comic book store close enough when I lived in Kansas. Free Comic Book Day is taking place here in the state this coming Saturday, May 7.

Most Excellent Collectibles
Most Excellent Collectibles

I was excited to learn that Waterbury-based Eastern Color Printing invented the modern form of comic you see today. Something about a salesman folding 11 by 17-inch giant-sized comics supplements into halves.. however it happened, thanks to that guy for doing it, because it lead to decades of entertainment that has transcended the pages of the comics and onto the big screen and every conceivable form of media.

Mike DeCarlo, a New Haven native and well-known Batman artist will be in Enfield at Most Excellent Comics and Gaming. Free Comic Book Day will also be celebrated at Cave Comics in Newtown with famed comic book artist Jerry Ordway (Death of Superman) signing autographs. My love of comic books has been with me for as long as I can remember and it is cool to know that there are so many other nerdy comic book fans just like me around the area.

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Danbury, CT has a lot of murals which have been sanctioned by the city and then there is the illegal graffiti. The Hat City has its fair share of illegal graffiti but most of it, is off the beaten-path. It’s near the train tracks, and under bridges, it’s in places most residents will never go. I intentionally seek these places out. I like to go to places most people would find scary, grimy or even dangerous. I’m willing to climb over downed trees, step on broken glass and dodge rusting metal to find my way to a place I was never meant to see.

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