I feel like diners are so underrated. You really can get a great meal from them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A lot of them also just have really great vibes. Some are old school, some look like normal restaurants and some have that retro-movie vibe. The cool seats, the flashy outside sign, the neon - I love it.

I came across an article by Love Food about the best retro diners and a Connecticut diner crossed the list. Olympia Diner in Newington is known as the best retro diner in our state. I have never been, but now I instantly want to go.

I did a little deep dive to find out some information about the diner. According to their website, the diner has been around for the past 70 years and has been a significant part of a lot of local's lives. It has also been apart of many commercials, public service announcements, and has even been filmed for a few movie scenes.

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The diner is also known as the oldest stainless steel diner in the country, originally in Massachusetts before coming over to Newington. Love Food highlighted the diner's table juke boxes, booths, and bar stools, and the exceptional food that comes with it.

Olympia Diner is located at 3413 Berlin Turnpike and is open 7 days a week. They have a wide variety of food, expected from a diner, and they serve breakfast all day. I will be adding this on my list of places to attend this summer. Retro diners are my favorite and I'm sure this one will exceed my expectations too.

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