Another day, another thing Connecticut is good at.

When we get highlighted for things on a national level, it brings me joy because people are able to recognize our state for more than just high taxes and unbearable cost of living.

Honestly though, as much as we talk negative about Connecticut, there are positives to go with it and I really do enjoy highlighting the positives. A new list of "bests" came out and a Connecticut business has landed on the list.

Food & Wine has curated a list of the 100 Best Bakeries in America and a Connecticut bakery is seen on the list. Wave Hill Breads in Norwalk is among the 100 considered the best in the country. I took a look into what was unique about this bakery.

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The article states that Wave Hill Breads was an ahead-of-trend bakery along the commute to New York City and specialized in pain de Campagne. They are now known for all of their types of breads and you're able to grab them right in their Norwalk location.

Wave Hill Breads website talks about what they do that other bakeries have abandoned - their fresh grains are milled before use and then their doughs ferment for up to 72 hours so that they are highly hydrated and the bread is easy to digest. Their mission is to bake breads that are the foundation of healthy eating.

They specialize in multiple different types of breads as well as offer pizzas and pastries. The base of it all comes from the dough they make. I bet those pastries are to die for. As I scroll their Instagram page, it is clear to me why they were chosen. Everything looks amazing.

If you are interested in taking a ride to Norwalk to experience one of the best bakeries in the country, they are located at 30 High Street and are open daily from 7 AM - 6 PM. If you go, let us know how amazing it is.

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