Governor Ned Lamont announced in a news briefing today that bars will be "taking a pause" right now, and not reopening on their slated Phase 3 date for mid-July.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I think bars are going to have to take a pause right now. I'm just looking around the rest of the country and seeing it's pretty infectious in there." Lamont explained.

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You will still have the option to go to a restaurant, and indoor dining will continue at 50% capacity. Restaurants will be able to continue serving alcohol, as long as the customer is also ordering food, and maintaining all social distancing guidelines. Lamont additionally said, "outdoors is much safer than indoors." He urges you to "take your outdoor dining option every opportunity you can, as it is much, much safer."

To see more information on the news briefing, you can watch it here:

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