Kevin Komisky direct messaged me a link on Instagram the other day.

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The link took me to Conan O'Brien tweet, about a sign that hangs (or hung) in Michael Angelo's Pizza in Danbury. My mind was blown, I'm on record as saying Michael Angelo's Pizza in Danbury is my current favorite pizza spot in the area.

Way to go Danbury! First we had John Oliver turn Danbury's waste facility into a four-month television saga and now Conan is commenting on signs in our pizza places?  Danbury is a content vending machine.

I also love that the folks at Michael Angelo's know we are smart enough that they don't need to explain what "circumstances" are. If you were alive in 2020, you know there were a lot of "circumstances" and none were positive. COVID-19 should be referred to as "circumstances" until the end of time.

P.S. I'm 90% I mentioned this "circumstances" sign months before Conan on the Ethan and Lou Show.

P.S 2: Even with the rise in prices, the food is so worth it.

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