The local community is rallying around Bethel, CT Fire Chief Scott Murphy and his family after a recent fire caused extensive damage to their home.

Back on February 15, Firefighters from both the Bethel FD and the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company to the Reservoir Street home to find that a structure fire had engulfed the kitchen and an enclosed porch.

While the local firefighters were able to knock down the fire quickly enough to avoid complete destruction of the home, most of the family's personal belongings were lost to the blaze. Now, Chief Murphy, his wife, one of their children and grandchildren, who all lived in the home, are staying with relatives.

On Sunday, Jay Oldham of Bethel put together a GoFundMe fundraiser page in order lend the chief and his family a helping hand. The goal that Oldham set looks to collect $25,000, and as of this writing, 35 people have donated a total of $2,320.

"Chief Murphy, and his father before him, have faithfully served the Town of Bethel for many years," Jay Oldham wrote. "They now need our help! Please generously help this family in need!"

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