A chilling CT Reddit post appeared on Thursday (02/15/24) from a user called spittztheruler

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This person claiming to be from East Hartford, CT warned folks to 'be aware" and 'don't open your door for strangers. spittztheruler said:

"This happend in east hartford ...I'm not sure what this was all about but I was talking with my family and noticed my dog was on edge so I kept it an eye on the window and alla sudden a figure runs from behind my truck and across the street ..she then sees I seen her do this comes back so I open my window and she says sorry didn't wanna bother you it's cold can I have a ride I'm your neighbor...now I know my neighbors and have never seen this Hispanic girl a day in my life over here she doesn't even look related to my neighbors plus we all have cars why would she need a ride ...so I told her no and closed my window...check the ring cam and she wasn't alone ...couldn't make out who she was with but she was with someone ...so be aware."

byu/spittztheruler inConnecticut



That is scary man! How many of us would open the car or house door for someone asking for help? It is sad that you have to refuse someone asking for help but maybe that is where we are. If people keep taking advantage of those with kind hearts we will end up in chaos. I wish these criminals understood that every good thing they have in their community comes from the care and attention of the people they are trying to hurt or take advantage of.

Here are some of the responses from that thread:

ImpossibleParfait said: "You guys are making fun of OP but they are right. When I lived in Waterbury, two young probably 19-22 year old pretty girls knocked on my condo door saying they were offering a cleaning service for cheap. I was like no thanks, I'm good. They tried to play it off by being like, "oh let's just take a look around" and tried to force their way in, I physically put my arm in front of them in the door jam to stop them. Two days later one of the condos a building down got robbed clean. They were scouting places to rob." 

Lucys_ink wrote: "I know it’s not a good idea to open the door, but I’m glad she said that about a ride, not “please help me if someone is trying to hurt me.” because I would have called 9-1-1 or something."

Wal Mart Prices said: "Possible bait see who they can target dumb enough to engage I guess." 

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P.S. I'm a sucker for Hispanic WOMEN so if they are the ones knocking I'm 1000% opening the door and taking the chance....teeth promptly knocked out of face. My wife is Hispanic and won't find this the least bit funny and that is why I have to leave it here. She looks sexy when she's mad.

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