Forget the Grand Slam Breakfast, how about a few slams to the face!?

That's what happened at a Denny's in Arkansas according to FOX 16. Police in Bryant Arkansas say two men ended up in handcuffs over a chicken nugget dispute and we are not talking about the customers, these were reportedly staff members.

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Officers say they responded to the Denny's after a call about a fight and met with two employees that were allegedly involved in the dust up. Robert Lee and Jacob Jordan are the two men in question and cops say both were forthcoming about their role in the quarrel.

The report states that Jordan walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate of chicken tenders to bring to a table he was serving. Officers say Lee got Jordan's attention to let him know the tenders were for a table he was waiting on.

Both men verbally laid claim to the chicken tenders on behalf of their customers and it allegedly escalated to physical violence with the two men "exchanging punches".

While sorting out the reports given by both men, authorities say they ran the I.D.'s of both men and guess what happened next? They both had multiple outstanding warrants. Jacob Jordan was charged with 3rd degree assault and arrested. Robert Lee was cited with 3rd degree assault and issued a ticket to appear in court.

I love the term "exchanging punches." It paints such a crystal clear picture in my mind of two men who can't mount a defense for their own face. I know when someone says "exchanging punches" they don't always mean two people connecting on every punch. But, that is how I choose to see it because that's one of the funniest mental images in the world.

What are the odds that you go to a Denny's in Arkansas and two of the waiters on the same shift each have a multitude of outstanding warrants? I guess better than I thought and the odds are probably better than you thought.

The next time I go to Denny's, I'm ordering the Parmesan Chicken Sizzlin' Skillet and a side of two men exchanging punches.

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