Wow, this is something to really crow about. It's fantastic to be able to share a positive story about a Connecticut youngster. Where was he when I was struggling thorough chemistry class?

A feel good story was just reported by about a teenager from Connecticut. Let me tell you, he's the rock star of the chemistry world for sure.

16 year old, Prastik Mohanraj from Ansonia just proved himself to be a wonder kid by accomplishing an amazing feat of intelligence. Mohanraj got a perfect score on the Advanced Placement chemistry exam. Not just any old chem exam, but the Advanced Placement exam! He attends the Engineering and Science University Magnet School in West Haven.

As if this achievement wasn't enough, there's even more to have your mind blown over by the story from the New Haven Register. Turns out the Prastik is in very small company, I mean like ridiculously small company. The College Board mailed him a certificate saying he was one of three students in the world to get a perfect score on the exam, only 0.002 percent of all test takers.

Here's to all the amazing things this young man from Connecticut can go on to accomplish.

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