Check out this really cool student video (above) from a few years ago that I stumbled across on Youtube. It details the 1684 foundation, establishment and settlement of Danbury Connecticut, and shows how it shifted from an agricultural community to a manufacturing hub for hats. Anchor Ronald Laskowski introduces us to the Executive Director of the Danbury Historical Society, who talks about that stuff and other historical Danbury landmarks we can visit.

In the video (above), you’ll see the one building that’s still in use that was once a hat factory. Ronald talks about the events that took place in 1955, which was a year with tremendous flooding. Residents had to be helicoptered off of buildings, and people were using boats to navigate Main Street, in Danbury.

In our busy lives, we don’t often get a chance to take in the city’s history, and this video offers a brief look into it. It’s worth the watch!

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