This is truly heartwarming. A local Connecticut girl is making national waves with her charitable actions and thoughtfulness. ABC's Good Morning America recently published a great story about Danbury's Chelsea Phaire, an almost 11 year old girl whose mission is to provide free art kits to kids in foster care and homeless shelters, that may have gone without otherwise. Chelsea was inspired almost a year ago, at her 10th birthday party last August, to request art supplies to be donated instead of receiving the gifts herself.

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That little moment of inspiration has grown into a movement that has captured a lot of people's attention. Chelsea's mom, Candace Phaire, a professor at CCSU in New Britain, posted her daughter's art supply wishlist to Amazon, and it's really taken off wonderfully. So far, according to GMA and Chelsea's Mom, Chelsea and her now minted 'Chelsea's Charity' have sent art kits to kids in over 23 states. Let that sink in for a second, a 10 year old kid from Danbury has started a charity that is directly helping thousands of children in over 23 states.

Take a look through Chelsea's website, and you can see the list of accomplishments that the Phaire family has completed over the course of the last 11 months. It's truly inspiring. Chelsea's mission of helping children has also expanded to help adults, such as veterans suffering from PTSD. If you haven't noticed, adult coloring books are more and more prevalent.

Bravo, Chelsea. If you would like to donate monetarily, or with physical donations, check out for more information.

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