Danbury, CT is a special city and special people rise from here or have made it their home. Here are some of the celebrities with ties to the Hat City.

Wow in conjunction with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton I was a last minute edition to the list by the editorial team at i95. It's only "honorable mention" and I'm listed with another dude, but I was just happy to be an afterthought.

I am a competitive person, so I must ask who is more famous in Danbury -- me or Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton? He has more years of visibility, a kick ass Mustang and a razor sharp wit but I have been louder, also own a car and am hard to miss in a crowd due to my radioactive glow. I wonder...

I'll be interested to see the results on this one, I have no real feel for this competition. If it was a squinting competition, he'd obviously blow me out of the water but this, I just can't know.

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