The actor/comedian known simply as "The Entertainer" is coming to Connecticut for a massive arena show. Cedric "The Entertainer" will be taking the stage at Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, June 22nd at 7:30.

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Before he touches down in Connecticut we reached out to his people and landed a discussion with Cedric. "The Entertainer" joined us on the Thursday (5/29/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Large Dave.

Lou: Whenever we get to speak to an entertainer that is coming to play Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, I have to ask do you gamble and what your game is?

Cedric: "I'm not a big gambler but when I do I like to play craps and a little bit of blackjack. You know the thing about blackjack is I didn't know that you gotta play for the other people. Like, you've got to hit when it's according to the team! They are like you shouldn't hit and I'm like man, I'm gambling for me I don't know about y'all. I remember taking a hit one time and everybody just, they were mad. They got up and I was like oh, I didn't know we were playing a team sport here. So, that was one of those things but I like craps and a little bit of roulette but I'm not a big gambler. I'm big on keeping my money in my pocket." 

Lou: I want to go way back and talk about the original "Kings of Comedy." You had you, Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac and  D.L. Hughley, what was the room like backstage? You guys are four alpha males, who kind of took charge of things, or was it not like that at all? 

Cedric: "We were all kind of unique individuals. I guess Steve and I, we were probably being more of the leaders because we were kind of a two-piece at the time. We were doing the Steve Harvey show and doing the tour so we had the most comradery, we had the most influence because it was two of us showing up in a situation but everybody was there own people. You know Bernie definitely was always his own man, D.L. was the same way. He was an L.A. dude but we were all great friends, you know especially during that time. Everybody was just really solid with each other and really appreciated what the other one brought to the table. That is kind of how it was, we would pop into a city, once the money started flowing everybody had their own. Everybody had their own limos and separate Rolls but when we hit the backstage it was you know. My room was the come to it and everybody kick it room because I was the only one that was single at the time. I had the drinks, I had the party-favors. It was a party, the music was going. My room was kind of the room where everybody came and hung out." 

We learned a lot there, number 1 Cedric will not be handing his check back to Mohegan Sun and number 2, The original "Kings of Comedy" tour was as fun as it looked.

You can check out our entire discussion with Cedric "The Entertainer" below.

Part 1 - We talked about the vibe on the set of the original Barbershop movie, a serious acting role that Cedric took on recently and where his NFL fandom lies. 

Part 2 - We talked to Cedric about the power dynamics within the original "Kings of Comedy", a dream project he has and navigating an entertainment career and a brand all at once. 

Get your tickets to see Cedric "The Entertainer" at Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, June 22nd. 

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