This was the entrance to I-84 going West from Super 7 on Sunday (8/29/21) at about 4:45 pm.

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I'm headed home from an event Sunday night, I was in Brookfield and needed to get to my house off Main Street in Danbury. I decided to jump on Super 7 for one exit, hop on I-84 West, and get off either Exit 6 or 5 to get home.

There are about 50 different local routes I could have taken that would have cut I-84 out of the equation. Instead, I figured I'll get on the highway to avoid the 5,000 man-sized potholes I will encounter on the back roads.

Plus, it's Sunday, Sunday evening, this should be a breeze. It was not a breeze, and why!? Who do I blame? There has to be someone to blame and I want to know who that is, right now.

Maybe I should not play the blame game, instead I should count my lucky stars that the traffic allowed me to notice something I might otherwise have missed like the roof transportation of an absurd amount of wicker. Who is transporting a metric F--- ton of wicker furniture?  Why wicker? Why so much wicker?

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

How bout a closer look...

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Who is driving this car? Oh, I know...

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It has to be the Wicker Man himself, the great Nic Cage is behind all of this and I need all the information I can get right now. Let's call it a full Ethan and Lou Morning Show investigation.

If you or someone you know has any information on the possible interstate transportation of an obscene amount of wicker chairs on Sunday afternoon - or - the whereabouts of one Nicolas Cage, please contact the Ethan and Lou show on our wicker tip-line at (203)775-9595.

P.S. Wicker takes me back man. Braided reed and rattan were all the rage when I was a small child back in the 80's. Whenever I go to someone's house and see a wicker chair on the porch, I know that person has weed.

Fun wicker furniture information:

Wicker products are light and sturdy, made from the best stuff on Earth like reed, rattan or bamboo and braided together to create a comfortable, sturdy and long-lasting product.

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